jeudi 10 mai 2012

The best TV series in Poland, "a mix of Mother Theresa and Spiderman"

As I'm proud of my roots, I'd like to present a particularly interesting Polish TV series ”Into Deep Water”,  awarded with the Gold Plaques in the Festival "The Hugo TV Awards" in Chicago, nominated in Monte-Carlo TV Festival, and coproduced by Polish public television: TVP

  This format was presented by TVP during MIPTV in Cannes.

 "Into Deep Water” directed by Magdalena Lazarkiewicz, is a story of enthusiastic and idealist social workers that face the toughest social problems of our society.   

photo of Wiktor Okulicki (Marcin Dorociński)
Wiktor Okulicki (Marcin Dorociński)
The central character is Wiktor Okulicki (Marcin Dorociński), a freshly nominated director of the center. He is a man with a  complicated past,  that uses sometimes non - conventional methods in his work. 
A man of action, not of words.

 Each episode focuses on a different social problem and on characters struggling for help.

 There are 13 episodes of  45 minutes each that were broadcast on channel 2 of TVP.

Moreover, it's a crossplatform project, that has its web site and Facebook page. 

”Into Deep Water” created a lot of buzz in Poland and abroad. Thanks to this show, many discussions revolving social issues started to rise and possible solutions that the society could offer arose. 

 The role of social worker  seen as "a mix of Mother Theresa and Spiderman" came to the fore. 

liens vers le vidéo de 1 pisode